Design Philosophy

Vestra Design Studio is an interior design firm specializing in a thoughtful, practical, and beautiful approach to interior design. Careful consideration is given to every detail to make the end result successful in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. In an effort to adhere to this design concept, universal design principles are applied to every project, which ensures maximum ease of use in each space.

Our design studio focuses on residential remodeling and new construction. We work with each client to implement designs that will be timeless and adaptable…that will serve a client’s current needs and future needs as well. Through thorough analysis of each client’s lifestyle situation, it is possible to predict and plan for future lifestyle changes. Making provisions for such possibilities helps give clients the confidence that they will be able to remain in the same home (if desired) for a lifetime.

Vestra Design Studio also serves small commercial clients. Performing research and analysis of the work processes for each business helps guide the design of each office space. Efficiency of work flow and employee comfort levels are major considerations in office design, as both of these factors directly contribute to productivity in the workplace. The business image or identity is also very important, and we work diligently with each client to ensure that the image they want to project to potential customers is reinforced by their physical environment.


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